United SEO Uses BrightEdge to Make the Case for SEO

SEO Manager Jerome Harvey uses BrightEdge to resolve technical errors from site migration, praises Dashboards and Community for SEO insights and support

Transcript of United Airlines' SEO Story:

Right now, we're working on a massive content migration to a new CMS. We have a lot of technical issues right now with our website. We're also building a lot of the new pages in the React JavaScript framework. That's been a big challenge for us. We have about 180,000 pages indexed right now. And about 1000 of those are content pages and those are the ones that we're focusing on with this migration.

We're working on international SEO, as part of our content migration and our new CMS has the capability to translate in nine different languages. We're in the process of getting all the hreflang tags set up. Getting site maps set up for every different language version.

I'm a big fan of the BrightEdge dashboards. I'm able to log in, look at the dashboards, find the data that I need rather quickly. I can go in with data and show the leaders of our company, how much money they could potentially be getting from SEO and it's really caught a lot of people's attention at United.

But in March of this year there was a core algorithm update, and we lost 17% of our traffic. Without BrightEdge I wouldn't have the data I need to make a case for SEO.

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