Outsmart the SERPs for SEO Success

Intent Signal identifies the content most likely to rank above the fold on search results pages (SERP), which is essential to growing website traffic

Improve Your SEO Content Performance

Intent Signal helps you understand how your content ranks in search against competitors so you can refine content in four key ways:

  • DEFEND existing content that ranks above the fold
  • OPTIMIZE existing content that ranks below the fold to improve its rank
  • CREATE new content around topics that have the opportunity to be shown above the fold organically
  • COLLABORATE with your paid team on topics that lack organic listing opportunities above the fold

Research Your Competitors and Enhance Your SEO

Use Intent Signal to focus your efforts on the pages that are most critical to defend or that offer the greatest opportunity to overtake your competitors above the fold. Triangulate insights from Intent Signal with other data, such as search volume and SEO ranking position to prioritize your to-do list. Then follow built-in recommendations to optimize your content for SEO.

It’s exciting to have actionable data to back up our strategy in the often-nebulous space of SEO / SEM. BrightEdge Intent Signal helps us take away the guesswork.

Courtney Lear Wallace, Unique Vintage

Blend Organic and Paid Search Efforts to Increase Site Traffic

Intent Signal reveals keywords with no opportunity for above-the-fold organic listings on the SERP. These keywords call for collaboration with your paid search team. Deploy pay-per-click (PPC) ads to capitalize on search intent for these keywords and evaluate performance over time to further improve results.

Platform Integration: Intent Signal is Everywhere

Natively integrated within the BrightEdge platform, Intent Signal delivers performance insights across your SEO and marketing efforts. Refine your content and search optimization priorities by including Intent Signal measures in your Keyword Reporting. Track above-the-fold performance in StoryBuilder dashboards. Get Anomaly Detection alerts when your key pages change in above-the-fold status.

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