Engage Customers Across the Entire Customer Journey

Discover how the BrightEdge platform reveals the intent behind search queries, exposes competitors for each content topic, prioritizes efforts by forecasting business impact, guides content creation and optimization, and monitors content performance at any granularity.



Discover what customers are searching and get there before competitors



Create a content marketing strategy that targets, performs, and delights



Boost the performance of your Facebook and Twitter social campaigns



Bridge gap between digital and physical locations with intelligent content



Win micro-moments by putting mobile consumers at the center

How Do Marketers Use BrightEdge?

Learn how SEOs, Digital and Content Marketers, and Executives see the market and capitalize on opportunities. Learn how brands evaluate and use an SEO platform for content marketing success.


Track and use the deep data, web-wide context, and recommendations to optimize.

persona Kirill Kronrod
BrightEdge is a comprehensive solution with the latest AI innovations, empowering Gusto to optimize, measure and communicate impact..
Kirill Kronrod

Digital Marketers

Build a successful, high-performing website for business and brand awareness.

persona jeanne
BrightEdge equips us with the data intelligence to create high quality content and matchmake it with the most relevant contacts.
Jeanne Quach

Content and Demand Generation Marketers

Create high-performing content that customers easily find and love.

persona natalie
BrightEdge helps us to discover opportunities that are hidden just beneath the surface.
Natalie Skarzynski


See the ROI of SEO and content and measure performance against the competition.

persona clay
The BrightEdge platform enables us to identify problems most people didn't know existed.
Clay Stobaugh

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