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Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18, 2022

What Forbes Calls a "Must-Attend Event for All Digital Marketers"

“Compared to other SEO tools, I've found that one thing that stands out about BrightEdge is the amount of effort they put into making sure their users are getting the most out of the platform. Whether it is the certification process, events, demos or webinars, they want to make sure that users can fully utilize their product.”

Kevin Young
SEO Analyst, Overdrive Interactive
“I love that through BrightEdge, they don't just do all the SEO for you, they teach you how to do it yourself so you can do it if you ever had to on your own.”

Britten Harmon
Advertising Director, Arnold Machinery Group
“BrightEdge makes my job easier. I like how this cloud-based tool is working even when I am not in the tool. It is regularly sending updates and chart of my performance. I take advantage of the low-hanging fruit to make quick changes that affect my visibility.”

Richard Peterson
Global Webmaster, Broan