BrightEdge Content Advisor with Copilot

Create Winning Content Every Time

Copilot for Content Advisor combines extensive search insights with advanced Generative AI to streamline the creation of search-optimized engaging content, cutting down the hours spent on research and drafting content.

Smash through writer's block

Starting with just a single topic keyword, in just a few minutes a digital marketer can produce a search-optimized content brief and content draft that can then be used by a writer to finalize and publish. Additionally, its user-friendly, step-by-step wizard makes Content Advisor accessible for SEO professionals at all expertise levels, ensuring immediate productivity even with no training.

Create content that performs in SEO and with your audience

Content Advisor streamlines the creation of search-optimized, high-quality content. It integrates BrightEdge's extensive SEO insights — encompassing Google search results, rankings, keyword research, website performance, and competitor analysis — with advanced Generative AI. And it generates detailed outlines and complete content drafts in the chosen tone of voice, as directed to reflect the brand's identity or a specific author's style. This is the magic that results when the best-in-class SEO data is combined with fine-tuned, advanced Generative AI capabilities.

Always know what to do next, with Copilot

We designed Copilot to be your personal assistant, overseeing every stage of your content brief preparation with actionable suggestions curated by Generative AI. At each step, Copilot does the heavy lifting of sifting through the BrightEdge platform data, including Data Cube, to present the most impactful suggestions that you can review in a few seconds, making it a breeze to prepare a content brief ready for a writer to finalize. And because Copilot is versed in SEO best practices, content professionals are now equipped to optimize their content for the latest SEO algorithm updates, ensuring high visibility and engagement.

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