Industrial Products Company Tennant Uses BrightEdge to Elevate Brand

See how Tennant’s Global Marketing Operations uses BrightEdge to help kickstart and amplify International SEO Strategy and Brand Awareness

Transcript of Tennant's SEO Customer Story

I chose BrightEdge for Tennant because it fulfills the requirements we need to be successful with our SEO program.

I am on AEM for my SEO platform, and there's an integration into BrightEdge. There again it can be more efficient with my operations.

Right now I have a team of three, but I also have global partners that are dotted line to me, solely focused on SEO. I actually just hired one person who will be totally dedicated to the organic channel.

Some of the business value that I get from the SEO tactics that we're doing is creating awareness and discoverability and the authority for the Tennant brand. One of my favorite components of BrightEdge is the dashboard StoryBuilder to really showcase the value that my team adds to the organization. BrightEdge is invaluable to my role, and it really helps to kickstart and amplify my content and SEO strategy.

We do international SEO and really having BrightEdge is going to enable me to scale and be efficient with my operations. Some of my other goals to finish the year is really to increase organic channel by at least 3% to 4% year-over-year.

I really value my relationship with my CS managers. I've used BrightEdge at three different companies and it's some of the strongest partnerships and networking groups that I have. And that goes from the CS manager to some of the local user groups or people that I continue to meet through using BrightEdge.

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