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Think With Google Interviews - Jim Yu: Mobile Content for Micro-Moments

Jim Yu June 03, 2016
Understanding customer needs across the decision making journey helps marketers create content that drives business growth. Digital marketing leader and BrightEdge CEO, Jim Yu, offers advice on how to make content count.

Research: How Google's Desktop Facelift Affects Organic Search Results

Jessie Lambert January 11, 2017
Search is a constantly evolving element of the customer journey. From the algorithms that define search results to the design of the pages that serve those results to consumers, the playing field is an ever-changing environment, which marketers must navigate wisely.

The evolution of the customer journey in 2017: Optimizing moments that matter

Jim Yu January 10, 2017
As the customer journey becomes increasingly fragmented, columnist Jim Yu takes a look at how marketers can capitalize on the micro-moments and serve up targeted content at just the right time across multiple channels.

SEO in 2017: Seizing opportunity, evangelizing success, achieving overarching growth

Jim Yu December 29, 2016
As we begin 2017, the fusion of the search and content marketing disciplines has become increasingly more evident. A full 89 percent of B2B marketers say that they use content marketing, as do 86 percent of B2C marketers, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Getting down to business: Our top CMO Zone columns for 2016

Desiree Everts DeNunzio December 28, 2016
There’s no question that chief marketing officers are increasingly accountable for proving the value of their efforts and driving ROI. That’s why many of our readers tuned into the inside tips and strategies shared by our talented CMO Zone columnists.

Google’s Matt Lawson Challenges Marketers to Evolve Mobile Measurement Practices

Andy Betts December 03, 2016
According to research from Gartner, digital marketing has gone mainstream with over 98% of marketers in the 2015-2016 CMO spend survey stating that digital marketing is merging into larger marketing operations.

2017: The Year of Machine Learning, Intelligent Content and Experiences

Jim Yu December 02, 2016
It is common knowledge that the amount of information available in the digital ecosystem is exploding. By 2020 it is expected to have grown from 130 exabytes to 40,000 exabytes.

Google’s shift to mobile-first: mobile moments that matter

Jim Yu November 29, 2016
Columnist Jim Yu outlines Google's long march toward a mobile-first index and explains why optimizing for mobile devices is no longer optional.

7 omnichannel marketing tips to attract holiday shoppers

Jim Yu November 15, 2016
With holiday retail spending ramping up, columnist Jim Yu shares seven ways to create integrated shopping experiences that engage customers.

Searching for and winning the marketing moments that matter

Jim Yu November 01, 2016
Columnist Jim Yu discusses the impact of digital on the customer journey and what marketers need to do to stay competitive and convert customers in the moments that matter.

Digital demand and supply: the psychology of self-development for digital careers

Jim Yu October 19, 2016
The digital talent war continues as demand for data-driven marketing professionals soars to new heights. Wired announced the war for digital talent began back in 2014, when statistics revealed over 90 percent of companies in the UK — even those that worked in IT — lacked digital skills to keep up with the times.