BrightEdge Helps Guide CION Investments' in SEO Optimization Strategy

Alison Tyler, Digital Marketing Strategist for Cion Investments, leverages BrightEdge to bring multiple teams together for site and content optimization

Transcript of CION Investment's SEO Customer Story:

We are always optimizing pages on our website and making sure that it's very user friendly. Our marketing team is pretty much involved; there's one person on our operations team who sometimes plays a role. And then we outsource the dev team which also plays a role.

I found Recommendations really useful either keyword groups or pages and understanding what we can adjust based on of what our goal is. I found that really interesting and insightful.

We have a few main keyword groups that we use. But understanding how we can differentiate different articles and pieces of content within those keyword groups so that they're not almost competing against each other is valuable.

We are using a local strategy in terms of territories, more so for the sales team, to enable them when they're doing individual emails or communications to understand what these people respond to. But local SEO could potentially be something we use, you know, in terms of marketing strategy in the future.

BrightEdge has really been able to guide us in terms of data or on a weekly basis what we can look into--just little things to optimize our site better. That's really helped guide us in that sense. We kind of have a home base to come back to and understand.

BrightEdge lets us perform better organically. What are these little things we can do? The way BrightEdge helps a lot with that keyword research is huge, something we need to be tapping into a lot more I think because of compliance reasons because of the nature of the financial industry, we can't sell product.

We can really guide people straight to our product page. In order for them to get there they have to be interested in where they land. And be able to stay on the page and continue browsing pages enough to get to that product page. It's really important to make sure that the content that they're getting is what they want to read.

Organically, the main driver is educational pieces, also thought leadership. Educational pieces to kind of pull them in and just understand who we are as a brand. They may bring up to their financial advisor that they're interested in alternatives, or even better Cion.

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