Optimize at the Speed of Search

Real-time research and content optimization


Utilize real-time research to answer questions and uncover opportunities as they happen. BrightEdge Instant gives you access to real-time, on-demand data, which empowers you to ask specific questions and discover quantitative, data-driven answers with rapid speed, ease, and accuracy.

Real-time topic research powered by machine learning

BrightEdge uses the power of AI to curate the most relevant topics and keywords to go after. It takes a seed list of relevant keywords and expands it by 100X. So, you gain a finely crafted, targeted list of relevant keywords to go after. And, it can uncover what’s currently trending in real time.

real-time voice seo research example

Instant keyword research based on location

SEOs for the first time can account for trends, seasonality, and events as those factors relate to their search traffic on a global basis. Gain a comprehensive, current pulse of demand across all the locations in which you operate. Search thousands of keywords in one query, across 37,000 locations worldwide (without needing to track the keywords).

Make voice SEO a reality

For the first time SEOs have a solution for voice search and a way to identify the conversations happening in their space. Easily identify all the top-of-the-funnel awareness-generating question keywords with search volume. Analyze the keyword landscape and which portion of keywords contain questions and which percentage you are winning.

real-time voice seo research example


Understand in real time how your content is performing across vertical and all global engines.

SEO at the speed of Google

BrightEdge offers truly live, real-time (not cached) rank check at scale, empowering you to stay ahead of the immediate nature of search. Respond to change as it happens, and create the right content for the changing moment. Access real-time, mobile and desktop rankings across 37,000 locations and 46 languages.

real-time seo research optimize speed of google

SEO at the speed of YouTube

Video is instantaneous. Now your YouTube rankings are as well. Uncover in real-time the performance of your videos and your competitors' videos for any search right now. Unlock which products, categories, and influencers are taking off and use that to further promote those videos and inform future content strategy.

real-time seo research for youtube

Real-time rankings for your global footprint

Understand how you perform on the leading search engines in each of your global markets. BrightEdge gives you rankings for the top 10 search engines around the world, and is the only company offering a global footprint outside of Google. Uncover how you’re ranking for any keyword, in real-time, on a global level, all in one search.

real-time seo research on global footprint

Protect your brand on Amazon

Find out how your products rank on the third-largest search engine in the world. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming searches and instead turn to BrightEdge, the only platform with Amazon rankings. Enter thousands of product keywords into BrightEdge and see how they rank on Amazon.


Gain actionable recommendations to improve page-speed performance, content opportunities, and backlinks.

Integrated Page-Speed Performance and Recommendations

Don’t wait for Google to crawl your pages to get notification of page errors. Instead, take an integrated, proactive approach to page speed. BrightEdge is the only SEO platform with page speed performance. Diagnose pages across devices and provide actionable recommendations for how to improve page speed across all the pages you care about.