Expand market share with insights that matter

Share of Voice reveals the full set of competitors for key topics. Identify competitive URLs that outrank your pages and inspect their content to win back coveted SERP real estate.

The competitive landscape is always changing. New content is published every second. Understanding who is outranking your content for the topics you want to own on the SERP is critical. Share of Voice accurately maps key competitors to prioritize competitive content marketing work plans.

Understand competitive moves by topic or user device

Your competition on the SERP can vary widely by search topic or user device. Enrich your content strategy with insights on how aggressively competitors are targeting search topics and how their content performs in smartphone, tablet or desktop searches.

share of voice keyword analysis in data cube

Analyze competitive URLs with 360° perspective

Share of Voice provides comprehensive insights into how winning content is constructed. For any content topic you can understand how the competition structures on-page factors, including page title, H1 tag, or backlinks and review the full list of keywords that the competitors’ winning URL is ranking for.

share of voice competitive analysis

Reach targets faster and bolster SEO authority with content partners

Not all winning URLs on SERPs compete with you directly. Share of Voice helps you increase your SEO authority by identifying sites that can help you reach your target audience with paid ads or other partnership opportunities, such as co-authorship, or backlinking opportunities.

share of voice dashboard chart for backlink opportunities

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