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Why Choose BrightEdge?

You want to use your talents to the fullest and make an impact everyday. You want to get in at the venture stage of a successful, top-tier VC-funded, Silicon Valley startup with major buzz in the industry. And, you want to work with really smart, driven people.

We are an intense, competitive “win-all-the-way” company that rewards success with increased opportunity and promotion. If you want to jump-start your career and accelerate it, let’s talk. We seek passionate, enthusiastic, driven teammates committed to cutting-edge content marketing technology to drive our company growth while they propel their own careers, who collaborate and understand that we are one team driving together towards our goals.

BrightEdge is filled with wide-ranging job opportunities: defining the future of content performance marketing products, developing, marketing, and selling ground-breaking technology, core development, quality assurance testing and automation, driving client success, and many more roles.

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BrightEdge annual party 2016 in San Mateo

At BrightEdge more than 2 dozen employees create articles for our blog, BrightEdge Bright Ideas, which is followed by marketers across the industry. The topics range from thought leadership to technology to product to marketing to life at BrightEdge. Employees have written a number of posts of interest to candidates:

BrightEdge Values

  1. Customer Success, relentlessly focus on creating value for customers
  2. People Success, attract top talent and provide rapid promotion tracks
  3. Strive for Excellence, constantly look to improve what we deliver
  4. Today, urgency and prioritize with impact in mind
  5. Win, take ownership to figure out how to win

We’ll Take Good Care of You

Beyond beautiful HQ offices in a convenient Silicon Valley location, we also have rapidly expanding offices in the world’s key business markets: Seattle, Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. Additionally, we have many perks and benefits that make work even more rewarding:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Medical / Dental / Vision Insurance
  • 15 days Paid Time Off (PTO) annually
  • Stock options
  • Fully stocked kitchens
  • 401K
  • Career advancement path and SEO certification
  • Team events & socials
  • Open floorplan seating (no cubes)
  • Free Friday lunches

BrightEdge Sales Careers
BrightEdge Customer Success Careers

We Leverage the Most Advanced Technologies

BrightEdge leads the industry in technological innovation and has captured numerous industry awards. We developed the only patented technology in our space which measures share of voice in search engine rankings. At BrightEdge, our engineers write new code daily and realize results quickly. Think Agile/Scrum development, fast-paced release cycles, and brown-bag engineering sessions sharing new technologies. We're a collaborative company where ideas are bounced around as often as conversations at the pingpong table. And, we embrace the newest content performance marketing technologies:


I played Lacrosse in college. Athletes thrive at BrightEdge because they love competition and have the discipline to build skills and figure out how to win.

Brightedge is great for me: late stage/venture-backed company with a fast-paced environment, rapid upwards mobility and a work hard/play hard mentality.

BrightEdge has the best technology on the market and that is really important to me as a salesperson because I know I am backing the best choice for my customers.

I would rather work in a place where I see my ideas take form and create growth and value in the company and myself.

BrightEdge is seeing explosive growth year-over-year, which is the main thing that drew me to the company in the first place and pushed me to learn more about opportunities here.

Because there are so many ridiculously brilliant people here, you never stop learning and growing. Not only are the people here intelligent and innovative, but they’re a heck of a lot of fun, too.

Working in this environment is inspiring and motivates me to work harder. In the year and a half I’ve been here, I can see the tangible positive effect I’ve had at BrightEdge.

Working at BrightEdge has given me the opportunity to fast track my career as an entry-level employee. 

We manage by the numbers at BrightEdge, so people make good decisions and make them quickly and with confidence.

I joined BrightEdge because of the clear path to promotion. I was promoted to account executive 13 months after I started.

I think BrightEdge really exemplifies what Silicon Valley is all about.

BrightEdge is a fun and exciting environment that motivates the team to deliver the best results possible.

It’s a great culture here at BrightEdge. It’s a great atmosphere here at BrightEdge -- one in which I am challenged on a regular basis.

We are the leader in our space and having had an impact at one of the world’s leading marketing companies is really, really meaningful.

I think the culture that our founders set up and built really gives every person in the company a phenomenal opportunity to prove what we can all do.