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BrightEdge has the leading technology and service solution for digital agencies leading their customers' organic business results.

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BrightEdge is the industry leader in cloud-based Enterprise SEO and Content Performance Management solutions. Integral to our global offering is our product specialization, deep expertise, and robust support for our agency partners.

One of our largest business functions is our dedicated agency team. This team supports over 200 agency markets globally and works with all the leading network agencies.

This specialized team has all come from agency backgrounds and held senior leadership roles within some of the largest media agencies in the world, like:

The team understands the demands of the agency marketplace. Through quick turnaround times to support on new business pitches we manage hundreds of agency requests on a daily basis. We have not only retained our leading agency partners since 2010 but also have grown our agency channel by over 300% in the last 3 years.

How We Help Our Agency Partners

Fundamentally, we understand the fast demands of our agency partners. We work with a wide range of agency partners from small new market agencies who are building their SEO offering from scratch to more well-established team offerings of over 100+ SEO and content specialists. Key agency benefits:

  • Flexible commercial model – Our goal is to help you invest with BrightEdge in a commercial manner that does not impact your client retainers. We can work with demoing to your customers or providing a flexible rate card that scales as your clients scale.
  • Operational impact – Our agency customer success managers are measured on helping you make significant time savings by using the BrightEdge platform. We have various customer stories on how we have saved hundreds of hours annually in operational time when agencies have upgraded to BrightEdge. Our focus is always to help our agencies continue to make an operational and business impact through our platform. Our agency audit and agency scorecard process is a great example of this.
  • Growth – Our agency strategic account managers are focused on helping support our partnership growth. We can do this by helping with complementary data to support your pitch process, providing sector insight as well as supporting with market benchmarks.
  • Investing time in the partnership – Finally, we have a proven model that helps deliver world-class support to our partners. This includes BrightEdge certification, regular calls, a range of different account sessions, time onsite to train the team within your offices, and fundamentally understanding your workflow.

Our agency team will quickly understand your needs and deliver quick, high-profile content wins to generate results for your clients and your agency.

More than just a search marketing platform. BrightEdge is intrinsic to our clients' SEO success and Overdrive's overall success as a business partner.

 - Jeff Selig, VP Search, Overdrive Interactive 

BrightEdge has given us a huge amount of help with winning new business from cooperative selling to allowing trial accounts for clients we’re trying to win.

 - Richard Kirk, SEO Vice President

We are consistently working with our global accounts to manage their paid and natural search, and BrightEdge has been an important component for delivering a seamless global solution.

 - Jim Brigden, Chief Client Commercial Officer

Data integrity is extremely important to our business. We’ve validated the data provided in BrightEdge, and have found it’s consistently accurate.

 - Chris Boggs

Our relationship with BrightEdge is really important because we believe they’ve got a scalable technology that allows us to understand the global results we gain for our clients.

- Jim Brigden, Chief Client Commercial Officer