Maximize performance across all digital channels

Use Site Report to track the performance of marketing channels that drive website traffic. Identify the best performing content pages to codify winning formulas.

Ensure your content can be found by search engines

See the number of indexed pages over time for your site and your competitors’ sites. Identify and address content or technical issues to ensure all your pages are discovered by search engines.

Uncover the content that search engines and visitors love

Analyze Clicks and Impressions to understand how often your content pages show up on SERPs, how that visibility trends over time, and how often customers click on your content links, translating into organic traffic.

Review performance by digital channel

Website visitors acquired through organic, PPC, social, direct, and other channels may not convert at the same rate. Site Report helps you identify top-performing channels by measuring conversions and revenue.

Take quick action on insights

From Site Report, you can easily add a chart or table to StoryBuilder to customize your dashboards. Site Report also gives you quick access to Keyword Reporting or Page Reporting to review SEO recommendations based on keyword or website page.