Data Cube X is the most comprehensive research dataset to win in traditional and AI Search

Data Cube X is the industry’s broadest and deepest research dataset, designed to empower marketers to quickly identify the best opportunities, competitive threats, and emerging trends.

Data Cube X offers the simplest way to identify opportunities across sites of any size. With just a few clicks, you receive a curated, prioritized, and actionable list of opportunities to enhance existing or new content. Our all-in-one platform, with Copilot AI capabilities, then allows seamless execution and collaboration to activate these changes.

Data Cube X has been truly revolutionary for our entire team. From day to day research to top-level brand comparisons, the countless options mixed with the sheer speed and ease of use of the platform make it an unparalleled tool in any SEO’s toolbox.

Cole Mauer (Senior Vice President SEO, Tombras)

Your Intelligent Research Assistant

Data Cube X takes the heavy lifting out of keyword research. Its user-friendly interface lets you research an entire domain, website section, single page or keyword. From there, you can quickly identify opportunities for existing or new content, uncover competitive insights, or take advantage of emerging trends. In addition, Data Cube X exclusively features BrightEdge volume, which uses big data analysis and AI algorithms to restore the precise exact match search volume that was lost when Google switched to broad search volume. These unique capabilities eliminate guesswork when prioritizing keywords, identifying close variants that matter, excluding misspellings, and much more.

Unparalleled Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Data Cube X is the ultimate solution for in-depth keyword research, competitive analysis, performance reporting and benchmarking. Data Cube X includes an extensive and curated keyword index across 24 countries and tracks 28 search result features, enabling individuals and teams to gain deeper insights for refining content strategies and increasing search visibility.

Leverage AI to Win in Traditional and AI Search Results

Data Cube X empowers you to scale your SEO program in the new AI Era. Uncovered opportunities are just a click away from our AI-powered technologies, including Copilot for Content Advisor and Copilot for Recommendations. And with a simple filter, Data Cube X reveals the follow-on questions that Google AI Overviews addresses in its citations, enabling you to optimize content for both AI Overviews and traditional search results.

Instantly Pinpoint Performance Factors

Traffic fluctuations in organic search can occur due to drops in visibility or because search volume is down. SEO professionals need to understand which is happening to take the right action. Data Cube X removes the guesswork by calculating and assessing what is causing organic search traffic fluctuations on any website. This enables teams to precisely understand and respond accurately to these traffic fluctuations.

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