Kiddie Academy Manages Franchise Network SEO with BrightEdge

Andy Seguin with Kiddie Academy uses BrightEdge ContentIQ, Insights, and Hyperlocal to support franchise locations' SEO efforts

Transcript of Kiddie Academy's SEO Story:

In our reasoning behind giving direction to our locations on how to implement their local websites, we also work with our education team to deliver highly valuable content around our brand, our curriculum, and provide resources to parents on how to raise great kids.

We work closely with our operations team to talk about everything that's happening at all of our locations. We help implement best practices for our academies to use their websites. We focus a lot on SEO.

My first [favorite feature] is BrightEdge Insights. Getting immediately actionable items to move the needle is very important. I'm obviously very excited about today's announcements and looking forward to using that as quickly as possible. My second favorite [feature] one is ContentIQ. Because in technical SEO there's lots of moving parts, and the crawls that this tool does for you gives you actionable and immediate results.

Local is king on the consumer side of our business. We focus everything on local. with all the websites templated. We have location listing management; we have online review monitoring in place. We focus heavily on local. We’re looking in BrightEdge to help drive better results at the hyperlocal level, moreso than at the domain level for organic search.

We've had months, recently, where mobile has been 70% of our traffic, which is above the standard. And we're monitoring everything from Google My Business actions to mobile website traffic and the difference between conversions on our website from mobile to desktop to tablet to try to optimize all three.

We just redesigned our website. It was designed mobile-first. The other thing that I think about when I think about mobile is Google and the knowledge graph and owning the top of the SERP and being on the local three pack.

I had a franchisee in the last few months send me a screenshot of their mobile device that was clearly a Google SERP with their academy information. It was their knowledge graph or their location and called it their website.

Everything that represents your brand on mobile is your location. We try to control and implement best practices across the board on mobile. We went through a long process, probably took four or five months, to narrow the list to about five or six. We even debated, "do we bring talent in".

We needed a solution that we knew was innovating constantly, was trying to keep up or stay ahead of Google, and was bringing extra value to the table. One that over time we can integrate into our content strategy; that we can coordinate with our paid search strategy, that could handle both our B2B business, and also our B2C Hyper-local business. We had some flexibility, as well, and that was what won the day. In helping us get comfortable with all the new features that are rolling out helping us think through how to effectively build out our platform. They've been super helpful in our migration process. And they're always thinking ahead, which is really great.

I would have to go back and say I have five members of my team, and BrightEdge is one of them.

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