POV: Does Local Search Matter to Your Business?

Do you need a hyperlocal SEO strategy?

Hyperlocal continues to be a driving force of commerce. According to Google, four out of five people use search engines for local search. These local searches then have a big impact on purchases: 50% of mobile users are likely to visit a store after they do a local search. Once these visitors arrive in the brick-and-mortar location, their chances of becoming paying customer is higher than the average visitor, with 18% buying versus 7% of people who did not arrive through local search.​

Customers using mobile devices also tend to have different intentions than desktop users. They are interested in key bits of information such as business hours, directions, products, and addresses. A hyperlocal strategy positions brands to better understand their local users and create content that appeals directly to them, allowing them to tap into the incredible influence of local mobile search.

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