Kiddie Academy Achieves 249% Increase in High Ranking Keywords

Find out how Andy Seguin of Kiddie Academy scored a 41% increase in conversions from SEO

increase in organic traffic
increase in Local 3-pack listings


Kiddie Academy, a leader in educational child care, has two distinct business objectives 1) connect the Kiddie Academy brand to their consumers locally and 2) reach new potential franchisees to help expand their network of centers across the country. Prior to BrightEdge, they used a variety of SEO tools and partners to establish a strategy to increase organic search. However, these strategies were more of a reactive approach to SEO and made it difficult to measure how effective their initiatives were in terms of performance. Kiddie Academy’s digital marketing team needed a solution that would ultimately help generate leads and inquiries from prospects seeking childcare or people looking to start a business.


Just over two years ago, Kiddie Academy selected BrightEdge as their primary SEO platform which immediately made an impact by helping them to identify critical content gaps within their website. The BrightEdge team also provided key recommendations to produce wins for Google Quick Answer search terms which resulted in higher traffic volume to newly established targeted locations. In fact, the insights from BrightEdge helped produce higher traffic and rank even before local academies had opened.

andy seguin kiddie academyTHE RESULTS

Kiddie Academy recently conducted a study that reflected an average of 67% increase in monthly organic traffic and a 41% growth in monthly organic conversions over the last two years. Currently, organic traffic leads the way in terms of all website traffic, even beyond their paid initiatives, and over half of all lead conversions. These results have paved the way for their executive teams to encourage an SEO-led enhancement for new website initiatives and adding a new position to their digital marketing team with exclusive focus on SEO.

Working with BrightEdge Customer Support was extremely helpful... They know our business, what our challenges are, and what we are trying to solve for. They were able to introduce the latest innovations of the platform and adapt it to our business needs and solve it from a Kiddie Academy lens.

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