Tombras Drives SEO Results for Orangetheory Fitness and Great Clips

Ryan Edwards leads Tombras' Integrated Search team, using BrightEdge HyperLocal to optimize content and SEO strategy for franchise locations

Transcript of Orangetheory Fitness and Tombras' SEO Story

Hi, my name is Ryan Edwards. I’m the Senior Vice President, Integrated Search at the Tombras Group. Right now, we have a team of about 11 SEO specialists and we work a lot with hyper-local clients, multi-unit retail, franchise dealership-based business, Great Clips, Orangetheoryfitness, Atrium Health, for exampe; businesses with thousands of locations.

What we’re trying to do right now is use BrightEdge's Hyperlocal custom engine tracking to bring visibility and hyperlocal keyword rank and share of voice, competitive tracking all the way down from the enterprise level to the dealership franchise location level. And with that, do it at scale in a way where you can bubble up data insights that you wouldn’t find at the aggregate level.

We’re using BrightEdge Hyperlocal tracking every Monday morning. My team gets in there. T hey’re looking at which locations that have opportunities and which ones in the last week have fallen out of the 3-pack. We take hyperlocal action, content creation, technical and we find ways to bubble them up and beat the competition. 30% gain on detail pages on Share of Voice organic traffic year over year. With Orangetheory Fitness even more than that. We’re thrilled with the BrightEdge technology and innovation.

BrightEdge helps us save tons of time. Without BrightEdge UI, especially the platform itself, it saves the SEO team dozens of hours every single week being able to find insights; automated insights.

Being able to create custom alerts for when certain things are happening--that’s totally customizable. Not just at an aggregate level but at a location, custom search engine right here based on a zip code or based on latitude, longitude. It enables us to find insights, automated insights and create custom alerts.

Every day I get notes from the team about new products coming out, the StoryBuilder, the content module, and how they’re using it to create solutions for our clients. The clients love it, and my team loves it.

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