Customer Success Managers

We think of ourselves as something more.

Meredith Fabo

Customer Success Manager

"Brightedge has given me the oppurtunity to engage directly with hundereds of SEO and Marketing teams across an extensive range of industries. From eCommerce to finance, the best part of my job is helping customer succeed and see growth. Everyday this job present me with new questions, challenges, and problem to solve which drives me to continue learning and teaching every single day."

Charles Brower

Customer Success Manager

"Over the past three years, Brightedge has inspired me to think outside the box and challenge myself to learn something new each and every day. Brightedge has made me a subject matter expert for all things SEO and I passionate about passing the knowledge along to my customers, and sharing ideas with my collegues here in the NYC office. I could not imagine working for a better company and I still wake up everyday feeling the same excitment I had on my first day at BrightEdge."

Natalie Corkos

Customer Success Manager

“The best part overall of working at BrightEdge, is getting to collaborative with my team members both in the corporate team as well in the entire office. It is nice to see how everything comes together from start to finish, from the sales process all the way to where I’m at in Customer Success.”

People Success is our Priority

We're just getting started. Join us as we continue to shape the future of SEO.

An Investment in You

We are a team of trusted advisors, partners, and digital marketers crucial to the success of our customers.

Growth and Development

BrightEdge provides clear career paths for all positions and levels within the Customer Team. We are dedicated to creating Content Performance Marketing impact, and we’ve built comprehensive training resources, certification courses, and webinars, along with our Annual Sales Kickoff Event and Training. We love seeing our team members grow into leadership roles with us. Your ongoing development and a commitment to learning is our priority.