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Why start your sales career at BrightEdge?

BrightEdge is looking for competitive, driven salespeople to propel BrightEdge revenue in the following roles: Inside Sales Representative (ISR), Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Executives (AE), Sales Managers, and Strategic Account Managers (SAM). No matter the position or the level, BrightEdge is a phenomenal place to work in sales in San Mateo, Chicago, New York, Cleveland, and London.

BrightEdge Sales Team

Award-Winning Product

BrightEdge is a pre-IPO company that has the industry’s leading SEO and Content Performance Marketing platform. Head-to-head against competitors, customers choose us about 85% of the time. Because of the product superiority, the renewal rate is extremely high – close to 100% in some sectors.

Incredible, Dominating Customer List

With more than 1550 customers, including 57 of the Fortune 100, the best brands in every industry choose to work with us. Customers include: Amazon, Adobe, Audi, Bank of America, Best Buy, eTrade, Hallmark, Home Depot, IKEA, Macy’s, Nestle, Roche, Sony, Staples, 3M, and many, many more.

Fantastic Onboarding and Ongoing Training

Every BrightEdge salesperson goes through 2 weeks of training: the first week focused on product and the second week specifically focused on sales. As part of your ongoing professional development we have a monthly "Sales Success Series" where subject-matter experts share sales best practices and product updates with the team to enhance their skills, knowledge, and ability to bring on new customers.

Rapid Promotion

Upward mobility is in the control of each salesperson and the path to promotion is well defined. Our goal and philosophy is to continuously promote from within -- many of our managers were promoted from SDRs and AEs. Our SDRs have a direct promotion path to Associate AE within their first 18 months, and AEs can move into management or strategic sales roles during their early tenure with BrightEdge. One of our VPs of sales entered the company out of college 7 years ago.

Work-Hard, Play-Hard Culture


BrightEdge rewards hard work and results, but there is also time to have fun. The sales floor is open and energetic, and the company provides fully stocked kitchens, catered Friday lunches, and occasional ice cream socials. Success is rewarded with highly competitive compensation, monthly S.P.I.F.F.s, and the annual President's Club in Hawaii. Our sales culture is collaborative and team-oriented, and many friendships formed span across multiple offices. There are many after-hour and weekend events driven by the employees.


"Organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."       -- Peter Drucker 

Jim Yu used this quote to kick off this project. 

Team Fired Up

Team Fired Up is a bottom-up, employee-owned culture project that engages the worldwide SDR community for business success through people success. Our motto is: We are owners and WE BRING THE HEAT.

Tyler Lance, past-WW Team Fired Up Captain, CLE, brings the heat and the hot shirt for Fired Up Friday.


The first face-to-face meeting of the worldwide Team Fired Up leaders at Sales Kick Off 2017.

BrightEdge has the best technology on the market and that is really important to me as a salesperson because I know I am backing the best choice for my customers.

We are the leader in our space and having had an impact at one of the world’s leading marketing companies is really, really meaningful.

I joined BrightEdge because of the clear path to promotion. I was promoted to account executive 13 months after I started.

Working in this environment is inspiring and motivates me to work harder. In the year and a half I’ve been here, I can see the tangible positive effect I’ve had at BrightEdge.

We manage by the numbers at BrightEdge, so people make good decisions and make them quickly and with confidence.