B2B Financial Service Company Increases Performance and Leads withSEO

Joey Lampe of CBIZ uses BrightEdge to simplify day-to-day SEO, track ROI metrics, and build overall support for SEO

Transcript of CBIZ's SEO Story:

Right now, some of the challenges with SEO is just differentiating our various service lines. We provide somewhere upwards of 20 to 30 different services. So just differentiating those services and ranking highly for each of those services is one of our main challenges. Organically, we range anywhere from 50% to 70%. It's a very large percentage and that's why we're really focused on SEO for our site.

Traffic - we try to funnel it into B2B lead gen. Just to capture their information to further nurture them through drip campaigns to kind of warm up the lead before we close our sale.

We've been gaining in our gap analysis from competitors. It's extremely challenging, just because the number of players in the space, but we've definitely gained some traction on some key keywords for various service lines.

The ease of, especially the reporting side for BrightEdge, has been extremely crucial for us. In my position, I have to work with various service line marketing managers. And BrightEdge allows me to really show a more visual picture of what their SEO is doing. Instead of showing spreadsheet after spreadsheet, it's just a nice way to convey dense information in a simplified way.

Our support for SEO has really skyrocketed in the past probably two and a half years once I got in this position.

SEO was kind of on the back burner for a little while, but we realized the importance of how much traffic is coming from organic - that we really needed to focus on and do pretty much an entire sweep of how our SEO is doing across the website and that's kind of where BrightEdge helped. It allowed us to pull all of our on-page SEO for all of our hundreds of pages on our site.

BrightEdge provides a quick look to see certain pages are doing well. But if they're not, even more importantly, just to make sure to see where we need to put our resources to increase those pages that might be falling off.

I probably do SEO somewhere between five to 10 hours a week. I'm in the platform, close to that amount of time.

The gains could be anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per client. And that's where the importance from differentiating our service lines from one another and making sure we're ranking highly on each of those service lines is extremely important.

Without BrightEdge, it would just make everything a lot more difficult. 

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