Health Provider Ochsner Recommends BrightEdge

Kristin Fletcher relies on the BrightEdge platform and customer service to build content and mobile SEO strategies, using Hyperlocal and Recommendations for optimization

Transcript of Ochsner's SEO Story: 

We use BrightEdge. They help us to find keywords to help incorporate on our web pages, so we can show up in Google. They also help us to find content that our patients are looking for; so we can develop content catered to them.

We're more than just the health care system. We want our communities to be healthy overall, have a healthy lifestyle, and they help us to find the content that our patients want.

I really like the Recommendations. If a page, for instance, if the service line leader is like "we're not showing up on Google," I really like the Recommendations and going there and planning out how we can optimize our pages so we can show up in Google.

Local strategy is just to cater to our local patients and each region. Like I mentioned earlier, wer'e more than just the health care system. We want our patients to be healthy overall. The majority of our users are mobile users. We're very focused on being mobile friendly and BrightEdge has definitely been helping us with that.

We've just mainly been using BrightEdge and we're very happy with their service. BrightEdge has helped us to develop really good content for our patients. Just letting us know what our patients are looking for and searching within our regions.

We have a CSM. And his name is Chris and he is very helpful. If I have any questions within the platform he is always there to help me out to better use it and to get content and keywords to help with our Google listings.

I would definitely recommend BrightEdge to other customers.

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