CBIZ Captures B2B SEO Leads Sometimes Worth $100,000s Per New Client

CBIZ, Inc. is gaining on their competitors using the BrightEdge platform. Learn how they're capturing and nurturing leads in this SEO case study.

hours per week spent on SEO
of site traffic is organic


Right now, some of the challenges with SEO are just differentiating the various service lines as CBIZ provides six core service lines ranging from benefits and insurance to financial services. Just differentiating those servives and ranking highly for each of those servives, which at times share similar audiences, is one of the main challenges. Organically, CBIZ ranges anywhere from 50% to 70% traffic share. "It's a very large percentage, and that's why we're really focused on SEO for our site," Joey Lampe, Sr. Marketing Specialist at CBIZ, Inc.


Lampe probably does SEO somewhere between five to 10 hours a week. "We try to funnel traffic into B2B lead gen. Just to capture their information to further nurture them through drip campaigns to kind of warm up the lead before we close our sale. We've been using BrightEdge Gap Analysis and gaining on competitors."

"The ease on the reporting side for BrightEdge has been extremely crucial for us. In my position, I have to work with various service line marketing managers. BrightEdge allows me to really show a more visual picture of what their SEO is doing. Instead of showing spreadsheet after spreadsheet, it's nice to convey dense information in a simplified way."


"Our support for SEO has really skyrocketed in the past two and a half years once I got in this position. The gains in new accounts could be anywhere from $10s of thousands to $100s of thousands. And that's why differentiating our service lines from one another and making sure we're ranking highly on each of those service lines is extremely important."

There are tools out there that do certain portions of what BrightEdge does, but none that pulls all those tools into one ecosystem. Without BrightEdge, SEO would be a lot more difficult. - Joey Lampe, CBIZ, Inc.