Windsor Store Leverages BrightEdge To Drive Image Results And Improve SEO Rank

See how to drive results by monitoring performance and refining strategies based on results

increase in page one ranks
increase in ranking image results


Windsor Store is a fashion company with a mission to inspire and empower women through clothing and accessories that make them feel beautiful. Prior to leveraging BrightEdge's SEO Platform, Windsor was working with other external solutions for expert SEO recommendations.

"We made a strategic pivot to focus on driving SEO performance. The initial goals centered around building an internal SEO team, launching an SEO platform to monitor performance, and providing data-driven insights," said Angelique Tavizon, Digital Marketing Analyst of SEO at Windsor Store.

"The key to success was not just understanding SEO performance but also: what keywords are driving organic traffic; ranking of focused keywords; what does and doesn't perform; and website page reporting for PLPs and PDPs," she said. They sought to perform keyword research, identify technical SEO insights, and to better understand how the organic channel works in tande, with other digital marketing channels.


The Windsor marketing team consists of one full-time SEO and an extensive team that assists in SEO production including creative, eCommerce, IT, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing teams, and more. The team leverages the entirety of the BrightEdge SEO Platform including Data Cube, Site Report, Dashboards, ContentIQ, Keyword Reporting, and more as the key SEO tools to analyze organic opportunities in order to increase traffic and exposure to

In order to maintain up-to-date content, Windsor built authority through original content including images, and optimized for both the users and the customers at different experiences. They performed extensive keyword research through BrightEdge to maximize organic ranking opportunities and define critical keywords and optimized using technical and strategic tactics. Then, they refined SEO efforts based on team collaborations and keyword analysis in order to optimize in a most detailed effort. They optimized further down to an individual PDP (product detail page) level which can be important for many eCommerce sites to focus on.Windsor increases page one rankings with BrightEdge

The team executed on-page SEO efforts including optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and image SEO for all content including blog posts. For technical SEO efforts, they resolved all technical errors including orphan pages and duplicate pages, and focused on decreasing page load times with their IT department.

Windsor also re-platformed their website to Shopify in early August and focused on Google images where they found an opportunity to help consumers shop via images. The team drove results by updating file format, server location, and leveraging structured data for images. They continued to refine strategies based on the results they received.


Within six months, Windsor Store saw a 55% increase in ranking image results and a 59% increase in page one keyword rankings. Furthermore, they've seen an increase in impressions by more than 73%, improved average rank, and an increase in the overall number of relevant ranking keywords.

The BrightEdge team has been a strategic partner from the start, their data-driven approach helps us act on opportunities enabling us to optimize our website in an efficient manner to drive increased keyword rank, impressions, webiste traffic and ultimately sales through the organic channel."