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Discover a content marketing strategy that works for the future - brightedgeWhat is changing in the content marketing industry today?

There are two main drivers pushing the content marketing industry forward: customers and technology. As the buyer’s journey continues to shift even further into the control of the customers, people have begun to expect an even higher level of personalization. They want to do business with the brands that understand their individual needs. This desire for increased personalization is forcing companies to learn more about topics such as:

  • Marketing automation
  • Website personalization
  • Data-driven content

These customers are also pushing brands towards mobile. They are using their smart devices for everything from research to purchasing, and brands are required to have their sites ready to meet these new demands.

As the brands and customers are becoming increasingly aware of these developments, the technology is in turn rising to the challenge and making it easier for brands to meet the needs of customers. Take the BrightEdge Data Cube, for example. We developed this technology to make it simple for brands to understand what exactly their customers wanted to read so that they could provide it for them. The Data Cube makes it possible for brands to access the latest analysis of keywords, search terms, rich media and content at lightning speed, making it easier than ever to create industry-leading, competitive strategies.

What causes changes in the content marketing industry?

As these changes have become more prevalent, we are beginning to see the growing popularity of content marketing automation software that helps brands send triggered emails to customers at precise moments in the buyer’s journey.

We are also seeing a drastic increase in cross-channel campaigns which understand that the journeys of customers are not always linear, and instead might jump from channel to channel.

Industry leading companies are also finding more ways to create personalized experiences-- adjusting content for SEO depending upon past visitor behavior, location, weather and other factors.

How can I prepare for the changes in content marketing?

  1. Create in-depth personas that help you understand who you are marketing to and their interests.
  2. Create ample content in a variety of formats that meets the needs of these customers throughout the buyer’s journey.
  3. Determine personalization factors that might influence your offerings for a particular customer. If you are a clothes retailer, for example, you promote swim suits or umbrellas depending upon the weather.
  4. Optimize your mobile pages and your mobile apps to attract customers on-the-go.
  5. Invest in analytics. Content marketing in the future will be defined by analytics. It will guide your content production, the content you display to customers, how you track cross-channel purchases and how you create personalized experiences.

The content marketing industry continues to change at lightning speeds as customers and technology together help to push brands forward. To stay relevant, you need to understand where marketing is going and invest your time and energy making sure you are ready to serve the modern consumer. 

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