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Understand the demand and performance for your content

At BrightEdge our top value is customer success, which means delivering innovations to help our customers stay ahead in the competitive search landscape. Our goal is to be the best partner in content performance, which is why we consistently deliver the most advanced technology and content marketing.

For over six years, the BrightEdge Data Cube has been at the foundation of BrightEdge S3, powering our Customizable Recommendations, Search Opportunity Forecasting, Page Reporting and much more. In that time we’ve continuously enhanced the Data Cube, and now expose this lightening fast, research on-demand technology to our customers. The Data Cube provides marketers with the insights they need to make strategic business decisions that drive revenue. Only an enterprise SEO company would design and maintain such a useful resource.

Access billions of pieces of data on-demand

The BrightEdge Data Cube is a massive content repository, the industry’s largest data set made up of billions of pieces of information which includes: keywords, search terms, rich media, and content, along with its performance on the web. BrightEdge processes over 100 terabytes of data each week. We do so because we realize today’s marketers need a massive data set to be able to understand their entire organic search footprint, and build a competitive strategy to win. The BrightEdge Data Cube delivers to marketers the same level of big data processing power and scale as Facebook and Twitter bring to the consumer space.

Perform research, identify opportunities and explore competitive strategies

Within one centralized view, marketers may perform either URL-based or keyword-based research in real time. BrightEdge provides two ways to access the Data Cube. With Goal Based Research we help marketers quickly identify the data that matters most, aligning content performance with business outcomes. With Freeform Search marketers can enter in a keyword or URL in the same way a Google search is performed.

Research can be performed in two ways: Goal Based or Freeform

Goal Based Approach
Data Cube initial screen

Goals You Can Select

Why it Matters

Identify high volume keywords – Find related keywords with volume greater than 1,000 and develop new content to drive traffic and engagement

Focus on popular keywords that drive the highest demand

Discover long tail keywords – See results which contain more than 3 words in a phrase that are driving competitive performance

Identify less competitive keywords that convert better

Explore high value keywords  – Find keywords with a value greater than 80 and prioritize efforts

Hone in on higher converting keywords

Uncover videos and rich content – Identify competitors running successful rich content strategies and find other ways to rank in the SERP

Discover new content opportunities and increase visibility in the SER


Freeform Search
BrightEdge Data Cube

Understand the real demand for your content with the Data Cube Score

With the Data Cube Score you can understand how well you are targeting demand and gain a detailed understanding of the topics that resonate best with consumers.

BrightEdge Data Cube Score

Win with Contextual Recommendations

Improve performance with semantically-related topics powered by the Data Cube.

About Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): Web content is crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page. LSI looks for synonyms related to the title of your page.

For example, if the title of your page was “Outdoor Furniture”, the search engine would expect to find words relating to that subject in the content of the page as well, i.e. “patio furniture”, “patio sets”, “patio umbrella”, “adirondack chairs” and “porch swing”.

Content Analysis in Data Cube

Contextual Recommendations drive performance

  • Powerful Insights - Tap into the power of the Data Cube to identify semantically related keywords
  • Identify Low Hanging Fruit - Identify keywords with low competition that you consider optimizing
  • Actionable - Identify keywords that you’d like to manage, track, and assign as Tasks in BrightEdge

Explore trends & travel in time

See performance over time with Data Cube Time Machine, and understand what content has performend well historically.

View Trended Performance of Your Rich Media

Data Cube Universal results

Global Coverage

The BrightEdge Data Cube supports ten search engines: Google US, Google UK, Google Australia, Google Brazil, Google Canada, Google Denmark, Google France, Google Germany, Google Japan, and Google Netherlands.

Seamless integration with your content performance workflow

At BrightEdge one of our core tenets of product design is that data is only as good as what users can do with it. Research is only meaningful when it’s actionable. That’s why when we built the BrightEdge Data Cube, rather than creating a stand alone research tool, we instead built and integrated this research technology into our platform. With the BrightEdge Data Cube brands have an end-to-end workflow for driving performance. After discovering keywords that work well for your competitors, you can prioritize keywords, and then optimize them in BrightEdge S3.

data cube tools

Optimize Content with Content Optimizer

One tool in particular, however, saves my team and me hours of work-- the Data Cube! We love the insights and analysis available.

The BrightEdge Data Cube is a tremendous technology that gives Marriott insights and captures missed opportunities. The Data Cube continues to be an extremely valuable capability. BrightEdge makes me smarter.

We absolutely use Data Cube for our clients. We love it. Clients love it.

Data Cube has capabilites that I never thought were possible.