What is a Good Site Design Strategy?

What is a good site design strategy?

Optimal Site Design

In addition to taking site usability and navigation (link to product page about navigation) into account when creating a website, there are also a few other site features that should be considered when designing a website. This includes features such as:

  • Your page load time
  • Your image quality
  • The placement of site parts

These features also impact users and ranking. As you create an optimized website, you will need to take these parts into account to ensure that your site is ready for modern web users and the search algorithms.

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What is page load time? Why is it important?

Page load time is the time it takes for your landing page to load when someone, a consumer, clicks on a link to your website or within it. A one second delay in your page load time will result in 11 percent fewer page views and a 7 percent decrease in conversions according to the Aberdeen Group. People do not like to wait around for pages to load, no matter how well that site might seem to fit their needs. Google also penalizes sites that have slow load times because of the poor user experiences they create.

If your site is taking too long to load, you might want to look for potential problems such as:

  • Using too many plugins on your site
  • Having too many redirects on your site
  • Having too many elements on your site
  • Oversized images
  • Not enabling compression for large sites

Why is image quality important?

As already discussed, large images can slow download times, which will then hurt your site performance. It is also important to make sure that images are high-quality and cropped as closely as possible. This is because over half of all searches are now performed on mobile. On the smaller screens, these images are shrunk. If they are not high-quality, then they will not show up clearly on the page and not add anything to the user experience.

Why is site placement important?

Site users expect certain site features to be at particular parts of the page. For example, they want to see navigation either at the top or on the left of the page.

It is also generally recommended to keep your site design very clean, meaning plenty of white space so that people can easily see what your site has to offer. Sites that are too crowded with elements and colors tend to become distracting.

Creating an outstanding site requires you to think about all the elements that might impact your visitors. Not only must the site be easy to navigate, but it also must load quickly and offer quality design for customers to appreciate it.

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