BrightEdge Weekly Search Recap – 9/23

This week’s f8 conference rolled out some big changes to the Facebook platform yesterday, but this week’s news also gave some insight into the consumer and social aspects of the search landscape, the Google antitrust hearing and basic SEO tips. Read on for more.

Many have tried, and failed, to write a good post about how to SEO a Facebook fan page. So let’s take a different approach to Facebook SEO today.

Today at Facebook’s f8 conference in San Francisco, CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a huge change to the service: Timeline. It’s the Profile reborn, and it looks great. Later, Facebook’s head of product Chris Cox took the stage to talk about the feature’s inception.

According to documents seen by TechCrunch, Google Wallet is launching later today a bit behind schedule. As we discussed when the announcement was initially made in May, only a small number of people will initially have access to Google Wallet.

The recently released Online Consumer Report from RichRelevance offers several valuable insights for online retailers in the lead up to the 2011 holiday shopping season. Data gleaned from over 200 million shopping sessions on major U.S. retail sites shows trends in browsing and online shopping behaviors and how consumers make purchasing decisions.

We recently worked with our friends at Chadwick Martin Bailey to conduct some research about how consumers are using Facebook to interact with brands on Facebook.  Take a read and share it with your friends!

Rewind to the year 2000. There was an explosion in internet innovation. The stock market was starting to get shaky. Lycos, Yahoo!, Infoseek and Excite had sewn up internet search.

We’re apparently not going to hear anything new at today’s Senate subcommittee hearing on Google and competition. (Danny Sullivan and Gary Price will attend and blog the live testimony.) What we’re likely going to get are very polarized views of Google and how it operates: Google the benign promoter of consumer-centric content and Google the self-interested destroyer of competition.

A couple of months ago I got pulled in on a project for a new client, who admitted that their previous ‘SEO guy’ had bought them some links. Not a lot of links (they didn’t have a lot!), but it seemed that had been the extent of their SEO efforts. One of the things we needed to do was evaluate what amount of damage might have been done.

Google wants you to get your website optimized for mobile users and they’ve just introduced an incentive for you to do so. Today, after Google’s afternoon webinar  “From Why to How” on mobile optimization, they announced that within weeks, mobile optimization will be a factor in ad quality for Adwords campaigns driving mobile search traffic.

Google Display Network advertisers will soon see the Google +1 button added to their web and mobile display ads. User photos and recommendations will now appear on the ads themselves; we’ve seen them on search results since earlier this summer.