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Jim Yu
M Posted 2 months ago
t 2 min read

There has never been a more exciting time to be in search than today.  

As the broader industry moves towards personalized, AI-informed search experiences, the $200bn search market is attracting new investments, new entrants, and the creation of multiple types of search engine models. 

As this market trajectory skyrockets, time is moving fast for those at the forefront of AI and search. 

At BrightEdge, our commitment is to keeping marketers and the community ahead of the evolving landscape and the post-generative AI world. This is precisely why we built BrightEdge Generative Parser™ (BGP) and have regularly released new insights on the evolution of SGE since last fall.

It’s great to see that SGE has now been gradually rolled out into regular search results. 

However, did you know that BGP also tracks and monitors multiple AI-based search engines?

That is why we have released some exciting new research on Perplexity AI today. 

Perplexity referrals are growing almost 40% month over month, and 60% of Its citations overlap with the top 10 organic Google results. 

Perplexity is carving its niche into how marketers should approach optimizing content for AI-first search engines. The good news for organizations that have already leaned into SEO is that many of the technical best practices and guidelines around good and authoritative content apply universally, as 60% of citations overlap.

However, optimizing for multiple AI-led search engines also involves many nuances. This is especially true as citations become a new form of ranking. 

As we did with SGE, we have built a free community guide to Perplexity that explains all the differences between SGE and Perplexity, where overlaps lie, and how to prepare and optimize to win with this fast-growing new entrant.

You can learn all about it here: The Ultimate Guide to Perplexity 

As we look toward the future, my goal is to ensure that your brand wins where it deserves to win and becomes one of the ‘cited sources’.

I am so excited to see how this dynamic industry develops, and I want to thank our customers and the BrightEdge team for helping drive the market forward with these insights and innovations.

Together, we evolve and win in a post-generative AI environment. 

We have more insights to follow soon!