Happy Valentine's Day from BrightEdge! We know you're all enjoying chocolates and flowers galore, but don't forget to stay caught up on marketing news. Here are our picks for the top articles of the week.  

Future of Content Marketing: Business & Scaling Beyond the Noise

"Content marketing growth is about evolution, not revolution." Get some insight from Andy Betts into keeping up with all of the marketing world's changes and learn how to set your content apart.  

Selling Search & Social to the CEO: Measure Business Outcomes

We know you have all these great marketing ideas, but sometimes it can be tough getting the C-suite on your side. Here's the inside perspective from our own CEO Jim Yu (he would know!).  

Why SEO Can't Reside in a Silo

While SEO is an essential technique, it can't stand alone. Check out Jay Taylor's reasoning behind why SEO must be integrated into a full content marketing system.  

Prioritizing SEO Strategies in 2014: Where to Focus

We know there can't be a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to SEO; every company is different. However, we can all agree on one rule for optimizing search. Hear from Warren Lee to find out where to focus your SEO efforts this year. ...and finally,  

Happy Valentine's Day from BrightEdge!

As a sweet treat to you loyal BrightEdge followers, we put together an infographic that reflects our commitment to customer success. Check out our blog post to see all that we're doing to keep your brand on top of its SEO game.  

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