POV: Vertical Search Engines vs. Native Search Engines

The ever-growing importance of Search, SEO, and SEOs

Vertical search is differentiated from a traditional search because it focuses on one specialized industry where you can get the information you're looking for in one place. Examples of this are Pinterest, Facebook, and Google.

From an interactive and transactional perspective, search is the fundamental digital discovery activity. People search, find alternatives, explore, and then make decisions. Traditional search engines report billions of queries per day and in excess of two trillion queries worldwid per year. However, Comscore reports traditional desktop search query count down between March and April 2017. Business Insider reports that use of traditional search for discovery is dropping about 10% per year. Bloomberg reports that more than 50% of shoppers start their search on Amazon, while only 28% now start at traditional search engines, down 18% from last year.

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