POV: Native Apps & Progressive Web Apps, Which Are Better?

Should you focus website development efforts on Progressive Web Apps?

Native apps are the familiar applications you download to your smartphone to play games, listen to music, watch video, shop, or order a car ride. Native apps take a lot of work and skill to develop. App development costs range between $100,000 and $2,000,000 with an average of $270,000 according to Formouts.com. Each app developer has to decide on which of the dozens of phones over multiple generations on which they will ensure proper functionality.

In contrast, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are server-based apps that merge the experience of a standard native app into a website experience. In 2015 Google began to promote the idea of the progressive web app, and over the past few years these new apps have begun to attract increasing amounts of attention.

Is it a worthwhile use of your web team's time and resources to invest in developing a PWA versus a traditional native app delivered via the standard distribution networks? In this exclusive point-of-view piece from BrightEdge we break down the pros and cons of both approaches and come down on the side that any serious digital marketer should be pursuing.

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