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Learn to build and implement your 2022 SEO strategy in the BrightEdge platform while navigating challenges with BrightEdge's SEO Pro Tips.

With competing priorities and multiple stakeholders, winning in SEO is not just about knowing what to optimize, but how to execute those optimizations throughout your organization. At the end of 2021, we surveyed over 700 SEO professionals to learn more about their top initiatives for 2022. Based on what we learned about priorities this year, there are four things SEO teams need to be prepared to do:

  • Tell the right story
  • Reduce manual work through automation
  • Simplifiy communication within the team
  • Be flexible and agile in the execution of their seo strategy

In this guide, we outline steps BrightEdge power users are taking this year to ensure their SEO strategies are executed, measured and communicated across teams in their organizations. 

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