BrightEdge eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Content Funnel Mapping

Learn the steps to engage with customers, educate in SEO and build a path to success

Today, the Internet gives customers the ability to reach out independently and learn about potential product and services to solve their pain points. 

73% of customers cite the customer experience as a motivating factor when deciding who to buy from. Common customer pain points can include inaccurate information that can harm your brand, difficulty navigating through your site and the inability to solve pain points quickly, lack of financial productivity, and not receiving the proper support they need. Have you created the best customer experience on your site?

This eBook will guide you through the steps to enagae with customers, educate in SEO, and build a path to success. Examine the customer's thought process, pain points and content to create for each stage of the customer funnel.

Drive as many leads as possible to your site with this content funnel mapping guide.



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