eBook: How Smart is Your Content?

Use this ebook to make your content smart and perform better

There’s a lot of content out there vying for your attention--why invest with this one? Actually, content overload is the reason why we decided to write this ebook in the first place. And it’s not that we wanted to add our contribution to the load; we wanted to show you a smarter way to approach content ideation and development.

Every business is aware of the potential power of content marketing, but in the rush to create content many of us have lost our way. Only 50% of B2B content ever reaches an audience, and the B2C picture is bleaker still with only 20% reaching an audience.

None of this diminishes the potency of content marketing as a means of driving revenue. In fact, it just creates opportunities for smart marketers to stand out from the crowd. The more noise there is, the more important the signal becomes.

Our aims within this ebook are simple:

  • Reveal the current state of the content marketing industry, backed up by BrightEdge proprietary research.
  • Discuss the challenges marketers are facing as they battle for customers’ attention and aim to quantify the ROI of their content.
  • Propose a new, smarter way of approaching content that uses technology to drive an intuitive, profitable content process from research through to production and promotion.



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