POV: Do I Need to Migrate to HTTPS?

Should you make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

Site migrations can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Not only that, when executed improperly they can cause major technical issues. All of that may make some organizations call into question whether making the switchover from a traditional HTTP domain to an SSL-enabled HTTPS domain is worth the effort and potential risks. Google is releasing a new HTTPS update on blocking mixed content so the verdict is, it's worth the effort.

In this BrightEdge point-of-view article, we delve into the topic of HTTPS and provides a definitive take on the following subjects:

  • The clear SEO benefits of being on HTTPS (and the data supporting it)
  • The SEO and security pitfalls of not being on an HTTPS domain
  • Why executing an HTTP-to-HTTPS site migration should be an SEO first-priority for any organization regardless of size, vertical, or business model

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