POV: Universal SERP Types, Content, and SEO Opportunities

Look at past Universal SERP trends and see what's in store for the months ahead.

As SERP layouts evolve, marketers must understand the relationships between position, visibility, and traffic. Choosing the right keywords relative to the range of SERP layouts and figuring out how to optimize for appearance becomes more important than ever.

BrightEdge Research has been tracking the major universal elements since 2014 and has identified more than 50 different universal elements. The top 5 most common types occur in nearly every SERP. The top universal element appears in over 60% of SERPs on both mobile and desktop. It’s critical to pay attention to universal SERP formats and plan multiple asset type outputs in your content calendar.

Universal elements are a repackaging of branded site content and data that allow Google to more quickly satisfy the intent of its searchers. Brands need to be aware of the trends of the universal elements so that they can create appropriate asset types and not cede valuable SERP space and exposure to competitors.

Study Universal types and how the trends can impact your SERP opportunities with this report.



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