The 2021 U.S. Education Services Industry Outlook

Are you ready for the surge?

As COVID-19 moved educational institutions online, the need for quality online content has never been higher. And as a result, competition for real-estate on the SERPs is fiercer than ever!

These trends make it all the more vital to understand and anticipate peaks in demand, and where to focus your SEO efforts and content strategy in order to tap into the organic search market.

BrightEdge Research's ultimate guide to the Education and TechEd Industry helps you learn about your core demographic's Search Intent, the growth of Higher Ed industry and insights from 1-year and 4-year data, categories of interests through contextual analysis, and the key attributes of top-performing keywords and opportunity scoping

This guide contains:

  • Insights from data collected using Data Cube relevant to the Education Industry
  • Categorization and opportunity landscape created using BrightEdge Market Insight
  • Search Ranking data based on Domain and Listing type

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