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Learn the SEO and digital marketing trends for financial services brands and how you can capitalize

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A full 71% of financial services brands said they plan to increase digital marketing spend in 2019 according to a study by Econsultancy. In contrast to that large majority, however, the same study found that only 7% of financial services brands place creation of high-quality content as a top marketing priority, compared to 15% in other industries.

The digital channel, and SEO with it, is rapidly becoming a centerpiece of marketing efforts in an industry that has traditionally been seen a conservative one. The low numbers around prioritization of quality content might be discouraging at first glance, but they speak to the pronounced SEO opportunity for financial services brands that exists right now.

In this webinar we discuss some of the big opportunities that SEOs and digital marketers in financial services and fintech have to get in front of their customers.


Erik Newton, VP of Customer Marketing, BrightEdge

Mark Aspillera, Product Marketing Manager, BrightEdge

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