The 2022 U.S. Education Services Industry Research Report

Reading the Market: Identifying Themes Using Search Trend Data

Using BrightEdge comprehensive search data set and analytical tools, we began by looking at search volume trends for approximately 410 keywords related to the education industry with a combined monthly search volume of more than 1.9 million searches. We analyzed the broad set of terms to determine the makeup of search result types (regular web listing, people also ask, local 3-pack, etc.), which domains are earning the lion’s share of ranked search results and clicks, and then we dug in to assess the nature and intent of the searches. The analysis offers insight into the areas of opportunity, broadly across the education industry.

In this study you'll learn: 

  • Overall growth trends for the U.S. education industry as they correlate to organic search
  • How different types of search results perform within the category of education
  • Search intent within three key educational sub-categories:
    1. Degree/certificate
    2. Educational subject
    3. Learning format
  • The leading domains capturing click volume for education-related searches

This research report is perfect for educators that are looking to use data to forecast and help make more informed decisions using search data trends. 

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