Healthcare Marketing and SEO Industry Report

Understand the key trends emerging in healthcare marketing

The total U.S. healthcare expenditure was more than $3.5 trillion, per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. At that level, it accounted for 17.9% of gross domestic product (GDP). 85 publicly-traded healthcare companies made $47 billion in profit on $545 billion in global sales. Pharmaceutical companies generated 22% of the revenue and 60% of the profit.

In this industry report on healthcare marketing, BrightEdge discovers how the healthcare industry can deliver higher degrees of personalization, consistency in care, overall capacity utilization, patient satisfaction, and outcomes to better their Google rank and customer experience.

Key trends

  • Patient-Centered Care- Improving the patient experience throughout the patients’ journey
  • Digitization- Connected devices, sensors, micro-services, and rich applications offer highly efficient options
  • Regulation, Compliance, and Marketing- Public exchanges provide more access to insurance as laws impact services and fees
  • Reputation Management- Encouraging positive reviews as reputation is the #1 criteria for hospital selection

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