INDUSTRY REPORT: Higher Education Marketing and SEO

Understand the key trends emerging in education marketing

As the digital revolution has become a part of every day life, today's students expect that educational institutions are dialed in to the power of the digital ecosystem. Schools are becoming more aware of the impact of a digital-focused educational journey to increase learning, creativity, and loyalty.

In this industry report on education marketing, BrightEdge discovers how educational institutions are transforming digitally to meet the demands of today's world and better prepare their students for future success.

Key trends

  • Digitization - The shift from textbook and worksheets to digital-based solutions
  • Personalization - Catering to students individually to enhance their experience
  • Microcredentials - Earning credentials on an as-needed basis versus traditional full-time enrollment
  • Adaptive Learning - Information tailored to each student and their learning style

Use the full higher education marketing and SEO report to transform your marketing strategy for students and staff.

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