Noble Studios Drives YoY Gains in Organic Across Client Base

The company uses the Data Cube 1000 times per day on behalf of its clients

increase in organic traffic


Noble Studios needed a consistent and efficient means to drive organic search results across its agency client base. They started using BrightEdge approximately three years ago as they started growing their search and specifically their SEO practice. They have found BrightEdge indispensable in centralizing that effort and standardizing the process and see results across the client base consistently improving. “We attribute that success a great deal to the partnership with have with BrightEdge,” said Noble Studios’ CMO Michael Thomas.


“We follow a methodology that has included BrightEdge across every step of the process from competitive research to establishing goals. And I think what BrightEdge does better than any platform that we’ve used to date is the ability to customize reporting and customize results. BrightEdge ran some results for us and indicated that our company uses the Data Cube about 1,000 times per day on behalf of the clients that we represent. It’s a great stat. It shows that it’s become engrained in our culture.” “The BrightEdge platform is constantly innovating. I think listening to customers about what tools they need allows you to do that. And it’s very clear that BrightEdge listens to their customers and anticipates where they’re going, not just providing what they’re asking for.” See Michael's video.

michael thomas noble studiosTHE RESULTS

“BrightEdge is the reason that Noble Studios is having a great success for our clients in organic search. We saw that across the board our clients had a 40% year-over-year increase in organic traffic on the BrightEdge platform. They love those results."

And ultimately it is about performance. The C-suite is incredibly busy and so if you can’t succinctly tell your story it’s probably not going to be heard.

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