Wiley Captures Additional $1,860,000+ Annually

Austin Kane, SEO Strategist of Wiley overcame severe algo penalty, increased traffic by over 6 million page views

growth in SEO traffic
6 million
additional monthly page views


Wiley is a 208-year old content publisher that is addressing a seismic transformation in the industry’s history -- digitization. They have a wealth of content and face the critical need to develop strong online visibility and traffic to their web sites and products. Their challenge is to capture search traffic for both existing and new content while dealing with growing competition and the ever-changing search environment.

SEO Strategist Austin Kane recently faced a search engine algorithm update and penalty that wiped out virtually half of the natural search traffic to one of his websites.

In addition, he needed to prove the value of investment in content marketing and SEO to secure support and resources from management to remedy the penalty and grow organic search as a primary marketing channel.


On Dummies.com, Austin used BrightEdge to identify and isolate the various technical issues that caused the algorithmic penalty. Utilizing the platform, Austin was able to make the development teams aware of the issues by assigning tasks for implementation. On the next crawl and re-index, the team witnessed a full recovery and even higher levels of visibility than in pre-penalty periods.

On EfficientLearning.com, Austin used BrightEdge to analyze competitors, conduct a thorough site audit, optimize existing content, and launch numerous link-building campaigns. The platform helped the team prioritize SEO initiatives, create a strong workflow, and implement tactics according to schedule. This allowed the team to reap the benefits of enhanced visibility prior to their peak season of business. 

Austin Kane WileyTHE RESULTS

On Dummies.com they’ve seen growth in organic search visibility and organic search traffic increased by more than 6 million additional page views per month. This resulted in approximately $360k more in programmatic ad revenue when annualized. On EfficientLearning.com SEO traffic grew by 90% and contributed to incremental annualized revenue gains that exceed $1,500,000.

Being able to identify opportunities and track changes and results in BrightEdge have helped us generate big ROI and get stakeholders ‘on-board’ with SEO best practices.

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