Increases SEO Channel Contribution 30%

Learn how overcame legacy challenges to achieve their SEO goals and increase organic traffic

BACKGROUND is an online bathroom retailer operated by Luxury For Less Limited. Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, supplies bathrooms, radiators, and lighting.’s SEO manager, Hannah Bryce, was interested in a way to streamline SEO activities in order to prioritize the most lucrative on-site actions, while managing off-site and technical activity across three large ecommerce websites. The main aims of implementing BrightEdge were to improve search engine rankings and to increase share of organic search traffic–both with the aim of increasing organic conversions.


“With BrightEdge, the adage of ‘you get out of it what you put in’ is certainly true. By taking time to input the most relevant data at the start, the recommendations the platform created were extremely effective. The results speak for themselves and now I keep the site well maintained with BrightEdge Recommendations. The support of the BrightEdge team has also been valuable to us from advising when to change keywords to onsite training. Another bonus is the professional services team as it’s always good to have another opinion on technical issues from international migrations to algorithm updates.” 

Since joining Brightedge in 2018, has utilized the full platform suite to achieve their SEO goals and overcome legacy challenges. Anchoring predominantly on Recommendations, Data Cube research, and the platform’s extensive and detailed reporting capabilities, the company has increased the organic channel’s contribution to all sessions by 30%. 

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