Container Store Increases Organic Traffic Revenue 96%

Cade Burk captures 30% increase in keywords in 1st rank position and 68% increase in organic traffic conversion

increase in organic traffic
increase in organic traffic conversion


The Container Store is the leading specialty retailer of storage and organization products in the United States and the only national retailer devoted solely to the category. The company has strong roots in physical retail and ecommerce is an emerging channel for them.

The Container Store did not have a methodical approach to content marketing and for capturing organic traffic. Prior to hiring a dedicated SEO manager, the website development and marketing groups didn’t focus on organic search. They needed to leverage technology to capitalize on the organic traffic opportunity.


SEO Manager Cade Burk used the BrightEdge platform to create page groups, populate with logical keywords, on-page cade burk container store seo managerrecommendations, and identified the best pages to map the keyword topics. In addition, he took an active role in content generation and HTML tagging and used BrightEdge backlink technology to map backlinks and target new sources of links.


In just 7 months, the results were dramatic: 30% increase in keywords in 1st rank position (more than 1000 keywords), 93% increase in organic traffic, 68% increase in organic traffic conversion, and 96% increase in organic traffic revenue.

BrightEdge is programmed to help with business SEO efforts at any level, know what kind of content is being searched, and enables us to create better-performing pages.

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