Crayola Drives Engagement with Creative, Fun Experiences

BrightEdge helps Crayola draw up winning marketing strategies.

The Business Challenge

The start of the pandemic in 2020 left people spending more time at home, isolating from friends, school, work, and family. Customer demand and search habits were heavily impacted, leaving Crayola to take a closer look at their content strategy to adapt to the world's new normal and to continue inspiring the creative application of their products. Already leveraging BrightEdge, Crayola turned to the enterprise SEO software to assist in pivoting their content strategy to determine the change needed from new search behavior they were starting to see with the change in the market.

The BrightEdge Solution

Crayola uses comprehensive BrightEdge's search data & insights to inform not only its approach to organic search, but to help inform the company's broader marketing strategy. "Search informs a lot of decision making," says Kate Matelan, Content Marketing Strategist for Crayola said. "BrightEdge helps us make go, no-go decisions before resources are committed. Search also supports content and strategy cross-functionally. "We've found success using BrightEdge to identify trends and opportunities, but also to find themes, terms, and phrases that work in social, text messaging, email, paid and so on," Matelan said. "The search information we gather from BrightEdge helps us tell customers that we have what they need, that we speak their language. When we find those synergies, we have the most successful campaigns."

BrightEdge helped Crayola to quickly pivot by providing near-real time search data to help inform their search strategy while laddering to the greater marketing strategy.

The Results

Identifying behavioral trends and scaling SEO growth was a great opportunity for Crayola to meet the needs of their customers. The success of being able to pivot their marketing strategy to meet the newly discovered demand found through data allowed them to continue producing fantastic products to their audiences.

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