AGA Coordinates SEO with Multiple In-House Teams Using BrightEdge

Discover how AGA utilized their Communications, Marketing, and IT teams to build their SEO efforts


AGA - American Gastroenterological Association - didn't address SEO until their recent website redesign. SEO took priority following the redesign as AGA lost SERP authority and traffic due to inaccurate redirects.

They utilize three teams to successfully execute SEO strategies, including the Communications, IT, and Marketing teams - all for different but relevant reasons. The IT team applies their tech knowledge directly onto the back end of the site to code, fix errors pertaining to JavaScript, and more.

The Communications team at AGA is the main group of BrightEdge users utilizing the platform. They work with the Data Cube and ContentIQ, Keyword and Page Reporting, and set up dashboards to later report to VPs or their board. AGA's marketing team turns to IT to make sure the programs and events they plan gain plenty of exposure.


AGA made use of the Data Cube and ContentIQ to expand reach through organic search, exposure, and understanding how they can continue to increase it while pushing out new, patient-targeted content to ensure they're reaching the right audience. This helps keep AGA competitive with other websites, including Web MD and Wikipedia. "BrightEdge has a huge impact on the content we produce at AGA as everything is tied essentially to how it performs," said Arnulfo Moreno, Senior Communications Manager of AGA.

AGA is going through another redesign using the knowledge gained from their SEO efforts using BrightEdge and their original redesign to avoid repeating the same site errors.


While using BrightEdge, AGA switched to a mobile-first website and discovered that while their site is mobile-friendly, their page load speed wasn't where it needed to be. AGA saw increases in rank, including their priority patient GERD page moving onto page one. AGA utilizes BrightEdge to focus on creating SEO-driven content and to display their wins as well as identify their potential wins.

"BrightEdge has actually helped us a lot in doing more SEO work because it lets us show the metrics and show the actual wins. And, more importantly, it lets us show the potential wins. I think when you see that all you need to do is make these small, little changes and you can gain a lot of impact, that's huge." - Arnulfo Moreno, AGA

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