Solomon Colors Increases Organic Rank And Traffic

Solomon Colors SEO Strategy Focused on Image Optimization and SEO Best Practices to Achieve Results

Increase In Keywords Ranked On Page One
Increase In Ranking Image Results


Solomon Colors, a global leader in architectural concrete products, has provided service and quality to their customers for 90 years while remaining family-owned and employee-owned. Solomon is no stranger to providing customers with the innovative solutions they want and need. Brian Jester, Media Marketing Developer at Solomon Colors says, "From equipment, to color, to training - every improvement we make is about meeting our customers' needs to help you do your business better."

Prior to discovering SEO best practices using BrightEdge, Solomon allocated budget to promote Google Ad campaigns. With customers and the future in mind, Solomon believed their SEO footprint wasn't big enough and while self-education got Jester started, he sought after a greater understanding of SEO best practices. Solomon Colors paired up with BrightEdge to build a new corporate website with SEO at the forefront of it all.

The Solution

In order to construct a website that both created an ideal customer experience and drove organic traffic continuously, Solomon utilized BrightEdge to combine five existing sites under one URL. "From the very beginning of this huge undertaking, SEO was at the front of every decision I made," Jester said.

With limited resources and a small team, it was critical to keep SEO best practices in mind, including image optimization. To implement image and video SEO strategies, every photo, graphic, and video was optimized with alt tags and proper coding. Solomon deployed BrightEdge Autopilot on their website which decreased image sizes by 30-40%. Site Audit was used regularly to fix any reported errors immediately. The Solomon team used BrightEdge Content to assist in new topic generation to gain organic traffic. Jester and team worked through Data Cube, Recommendations, and Instant to drive valuable keyword selection.


Driving SEO efforts on a mere three hours per week, Solomon Colors has seen outstanding results with BrightEdge. Since the new website went live in July 2019, Solomon has seen an 85% increase in keywords ranked on page one, a 153% increase in keywords ranked on page two through five, and a 75% increase in keywords ranked on pages five and up. They have also seen a 113% increase in ranking image results. "Our organic traffic has improved, as well as our rankings, which means more leads and new viewers. We wanted to be better... BrightEdge has helped us achieve that," Jester says.

Using BrightEdge has been a wonderful experience. I've enjoyed working with Kate and building a strategy to carry the site even further in the rankings. I feel like we've barely scratched the surface of what we can do using BrightEdge. As I learn and get better with the platform, I look forward to using the Competitive Analysis and Opportunity Forecasting more. Every week it gets more and more exciting to look at the reports and see how we are doing."

- Brian Jester, Media Marketing Developer, Solomon Colors

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