Become A Certified SEO With BrightEdge

What is SEO certification?

SEO certification is the education of search engine optimization that is later evaluted through testing for a person to become industry recognized on the key points and best practices of SEO. Knowledge and credentials are validated through SEO certification.

How can I learn SEO?A guide to becoming SEO certified - brightedge

An SEO certification can help you quantify your studies and show others what you have learned regarding the subject. In such a rapidly changing field, staying current on certifications remains an important part of any career path that involves SEO.

To become a certified SEO, you will need to think first about your goals with the certification. Your goals will help you identify the certification program that will work best for you. For example, if you want to obtain a certification to help you get a job in the field, then looking at the options offered by various colleges and universities as well as those offered by major SEO platforms, such as BrightEdge, will help you stand out to employers.

On the other hand, if you already work in digital marketing, but you want to find a way to keep yourself fresh to make sure that you perform well for your organization, then you might find it helpful to pursue any one of the number of different certification programs that reputable agencies and firms offer. These certifications may be a little shorter than the ones offered by colleges or universities, but they also tend to be a bit cheaper and some might even be free.

Once again, many professionals interested in building their capabilities for their organization will find the BrightEdge certification to be a good fit. This course will help them improve their ability to use the platform as well as their SEO knowledge, which in turn will help them give their brand a big digital boost. BrightEdge customers can find the preparation and certification assets on the platform in Settings > Profile > Get Certified.

Preparing to be SEO certified

When you find a course that fits well with your SEO goals, then you want to take the time to prepare for your certification. SEO offers brands a powerful means to building a digital presence and therefore, the information presented during your certification will have a noticeable impact on your own capabilities and how to help your organization. Therefore, we recommend during your certification you:

  • Come to each class or lesson prepared with a way to take notes so that you can review what you learned later on. You will likely receive a lot of information quickly, so notes can help you keep everything straight.
  • If your lessons are online, make sure that you find a quiet area to do your studies where you can easily focus and pay attention to the course.
  • Supplement your course with reading popular blogs and publications in the industry. This will help you see how your lessons pertain to real-world practice and how it fits into the wider digital marketing strategy.
  • Once you finish your certification, look for any groups or clubs of people who have obtained the same or similar education. For example, those who have obtained their BrightEdge certification can join a private LinkedIn group, like BrightEdge Certified group. These types of organizations help you remain connected with others interested in similar goals, helping you remain current on some of the latest developments in the industry while also building your professional connections.

An SEO certification can provide you with valuable insight into the digital marketing industry and help you build a stronger resume in the field. If you want to build your credentials, either for a new job or to help your existing company, use the advice above to guide you in the right direction.